Future Programs

Utilizing the incredible learning space at Gallina Canyon Ranch, GRIIT is building funds to establish a research program that includes:

  • archaeological field school for Native college/university students

  • research program for Native women

  • collaborative material culture workshops

  • internships

  • youth retreat

Through our partnerships with the Forest Service and tribal communities, we can create interdisciplinary academic research that integrates Indigenous knowledge on archaeological interpretations including unique Gallina artifacts and landscape use. The field school will provide accredited training required for admission into an archaeology graduate program. The internship program will provide training and guidance toward future employment opportunities with federal, private or tribal entities. Workshops will employ experts from Indigenous communities to teach classes on geology, ecology, pottery, stone tools, art/ornamentation, and food nutrition. Sharing Ancestral technology in an inspiring outdoor environment with our at-risk youth can promote healing, especially when dealing with long-lasting effects from this Pandemic. Summer workshops will serve an inter-tribal youth retreat to promote and sustain cultural revitalization efforts.